Gold Coast missed the worst of SEQ storms, but more to come

It’s been a wild night of storms across the southeast but the Gold Coast managed to avoid the worst of it.

Large cells passed over the hinterland and northern suburbs late yesterday afternoon, before a little bit of rain fell overnight.

Since 9.00 am yesterday, less than 10 millimetres fell in areas around the Gold Coast.


While up the road in Logan, some areas saw massive amounts fall within just half an hour.

Greenbank copped the worst, recording 74 millimetres during the height of storm activity.

We’re being warned that we’re not out of the stormy woods just yet, with more action on the way today.

The Bureau is forecasting a high chance of showers around the Gold Coast this morning, becoming less likely throughout the afternoon and evening.

There’s a chance of a thunderstorm around as well.

A shower or two is expected tomorrow as well, but the chance of storms will have passed. We can look forward to mostly sunny conditions on Friday.



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