Gold Coast’s most congested roads revealed

It will come as no surprise to motorists on the Gold Coast, but it’s taking longer to get to work in the morning peak as traffic congestion worsens.

According to figures from Transport and Main Roads, the worst roads for traffic congestion on the Gold Coast between 6am and 9am have been identified with High St at Southport topping the list.

The average speed on High St between North St and Queen St averaged just 15 km/h in June.


The Gold Coast Highway at Broadbeach between Hooker Boulevard and TE Peters Drive had an average morning peak hour speed of just 19km/h.

It was a similar story on Thomas Drive through Chevron Island with both directions averaging just 19 km/h between Bundall Rd and Elkhorn Ave.

Rounding out the top five was Southport Nerang Rd in Southport which averaged just 20 km/h between Ferry Rd and the Gold Coast Highway.

A separate report by Urban Infrastructure Australia has also identified several stretches of the M1 between the Gold Coast and Brisbane as among the most congested in Queensland.

The northbound stretch between Beenleigh and Brisbane’s CBD was the worst in the state with delays increasing by 55 per cent between 2015 and 2019.

Delays on the northbound stretch between Helensvale and Beenleigh have almost doubled in four years, with that part of the M1 the second most congested in Queensland.

The M1 between Loganholme and Mt Gravatt came in at number seven on the list.

The southbound run between Beenleigh and Helensvale came in at number nine however delays on that stretch have dropped 30 per cent.

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As usual…as always…these road congestion reports are not done at THE worst section of the M1 between Palm Beach and Merrimac. And now its BOTH WAYS at peak hour, along that stretch, not just North bound. My wife travels from Coolangatta to Merrimac for the past 11 years. In that time the drive went from approx 20-25 mins, now she has to allow 40-45 mins to start work at her school.
Fridays can be half as long again, and if there is a ‘nose-to-tail, then its a live nightmare and she has come home well over an hour late ..sometimes even longer.
And the State and Local Council are putting their heads in the sand once again (refer Comm Games) and making the outrageous attempt to hold an Olympic Games here. Well its already the Olympics in 2019 with drivers getting medals…not for ‘higher faster stronger’ but for Slowest, Angriest and Frustrated.
Lived in the ‘Gatta for 28 years and is becoming a separate region these days.
Even our sons dont want to drive down from Brissie CBD on weekends.
Its a State disgrace and a travesty to locals and tourists.
Talk about killing the goose that lays the golden eggs!
Separate new roads and train lines needed urgently.