Gold Coast most vulnerable place for sea-level rise

The Gold Coast has been identified as the most vulnerable place in the country to a sea-level rise.

Disturbing new data from the Climate Council has revealed our cosy little beach side city is most likely to go underwater first. Great.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie says climate change is driving more severe and more extreme weather right across Queensland.


“Last month, parts of the Gold Coast experienced their hottest July on record for mean maximum temperature.

“Things are only going to snowball, unless more is done to tackle climate change and Australia’s rising greenhouse gas emissions,” Ms McKenzie said.

It’s understood the Gold Coast will cop almost a quarter of Australia’s total expected national damages from sea level rise.

Other key findings show the sunshine state is the more vulnerable in the country, given its exposure to extreme weather.

Queensland has borne 60 percent of the total economic costs of extreme weather in Australia in the decade from 2007 to 2016.

There will soon be almost 10,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector in QLD, which is more than any other state or territory.

In dozens of suburbs and towns, more than 50 percent of households now have solar.

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