Gold Coast mother Elisha Neave loses cancer battle

GOLD Coast mother Elisha Neave has been described as an ‘inspiration’ and an ‘angel’ following her passing overnight.

The beautiful 35-year-old has lost her battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, leaving behind young son, Jack.

Elisha and her sisters, Veronica Neave and Chrissy Keepence featured in a story on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes last year discussing their family’s tragic history of cancer.


Their father died of liver cancer last year, while their mother is living with terminal bone cancer, having survived two bouts of breast cancer.

In 2007, the three sisters were tested for a gene called BRCA2. (Angelina Jolie has a ‘faulty copy’ of the BRCA1 gene, which prompted her to undergo a double mastectomy last year, making international headlines.)

Having the gene indicates a high probability of being diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer in the future.

All three sisters tested positive and Veronica and Chrissy chose to have double mastectomies and hysterectomies to avoid cancer, while Elisha chose to wait – as a woman in her 20s she planned to have more children.

In March 2012 Elisha was diagnosed with the aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

The family held fundraisers across the Gold Coast in a bid to pay for specialized treatment for Elisha, but she lost her fight overnight.

Her Facebook page has been flooded with tributes today. Here are just a few:

“You have been the most inspiring person I have ever met. Rest in peace now beautiful, heaven has another angel xxx”

“Jack darling always remember how much your Mum loved you and how hard she fought to try and stay with you. To Elisha’s family what a force to be reckoned with you Neaves’s are. You are a shining example of what it means to be a family.”

“Rest in Peace to the most beautiful of Angels! My heart breaks for your family, life can be so incredibly cruel. So many wonderful memories of the shenanigans we used to get up to. Oceans of Love Sweetheart”.