Gold Coast mother’s desperate journey to save young son’s leg

Gold Coast toddler William Dickinson is only three-years-old and, without urgent surgery in the US, is facing the prospect of losing his leg.

At just 7-months-old, William spontaneously fractured his Tibia whilst learning to roll on the floor.

It wasn’t until X-Rays revealed abnormalities in his leg bones that it was discovered young William had ‘Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia’, an extremely rare disorder.


After a number of surgeries in Australia and still no success, William’s mother Aimee Dickinson is now desperately trying to raise much-needed funds for specialist surgery for her son in Florida.

The cost of the procedure is not cheap, coming in at $169,000, however it does have an amazing 99 per cent success rate – that’s if William is operated on while he’s still aged under four.

“I was told William is at an ideal age for surgery. The sooner this is done the less risk there is of secondary changes,” Ms Dickinson said.

“Due to the effect of the growth plate, William’s leg is approximately 6 cm shorter. His femur on the CPT leg is compensating for the discrepancy and growing at a faster rate compared to his other leg.

“His foot is also effected and more than 3 sizes smaller. Leaving this operation any longer will result in more invasive lengthening procedures.”

Aimee and William Dickson

Aimee Dickson with her gorgeous boy William | PHOTO: Supplied

An upcoming gala event – An Evening For William, is hoping to raise at least $40,000 to assist the youngster’s family in financing his urgently needed operation next month.

Gold Coasters are being encouraged to purchase tickets and head along to the special event, which is being held at the Parkwood International Golf Course on Saturday 24 February, 2018.

For only $130 per person, guests can expect:

Cocktail food & 4 hour drink package
Special Guest Speakers
Live Entertainment and Exciting auction & raffle Items.

You can purchase tickets for the Gala event here, or if you’re unable to attend, you can still help William and his family out by donating here.

You can catch William’s mother Aimee Dickinson on 1029 Hot Tomato’s breakfast show with Flan & Emily Jade with Christo at 7.40am on Friday.