Gold Coast motorists faring pretty well

THE Gold Coast was one of the cheapest places in Queensland to purchase unleaded petrol in April, according to the RACQ’s Monthly Fuel Price Report.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said with an average of 150.2 cents per litre, the Gold Coast was the best priced for ULP in the state, apart from the Sunshine Coast.

“The only place in Queensland selling fuel at a cheaper price than the Gold Coast last month was the Sunshine Coast, where the average was 149cpl,” Ms Smith said.


“While ULP on the Gold Coast was 0.9cpl cheaper than the average in Brisbane, motorists were still paying more than those in several other states.

“Last month Gold Coast motorists paid on average 3.5cpl more for ULP than those in Melbourne, 2.9cpl more than in Adelaide, and prices were 1cpl higher than in Sydney.”

Ms Smith said Gold Coast motorists should always shop around before filling up.
“Motorists should avoid waiting until they’re on empty and they’re forced to fill up at the nearest servo,” she said.

“They can save themselves hundreds of dollars each year by doing their research and finding the cheapest place to refuel.

“RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price service is a great tool for finding out how much motorists should be paying for fuel in their area, and when is the cheapest time to buy.”

The RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price service can be viewed at

The RACQ’s Monthly Fuel Price Report can be found at