Gold Coast motorists urged to fill up now as ULP prices soar

Gold Coast motorists are being urged to shop around and fill up now as petrol prices in the South East began to skyrocket overnight.

RACQ Executive Manager Public Policy Michael Roth said south east Queensland had entered the expensive phase of the price cycle, with jumps at the bowser of up over 25cpl in some areas.

“If motorists see fuel for 120cpl or less, they should fill up now,” Mr Roth said.


“We are seeing about three quarters of the market selling at the high price of 139.9cpl.

“The average price for ULP in Brisbane rose from 113cpl yesterday morning, to 131cpl this morning.”

Mr Roth said the jump wasn’t unexpected, given it had been seven weeks since the last successful price hike.

“We’ve seen three attempts to increase prices fail since the last successful hike in September,” he said.

Mr Roth said the unpredictability of the price cycle meant it was impossible to predict when these prices would begin to drop again.

“What was once a regular price cycle in the South East seems to have all but disappeared,” he said.

“It’s very difficult to predict when we’ll next see prices as low as they’ve been the last few weeks.”