Gold Coast MP comments on reports of a split

REPORTS today that some Queensland politicians see the LNP as a bit of a sinking ship.

Six have reportedly approached the Police Union for backing as independents but we don’t know who they are yet.

Southport MP Rob Molhoek admitted he had not heard the news, but added “the partyroom that I’m part of is strongly united, we’re very committed to the Strong Choices program that we’ve announced and as an alternative Government there is no one else”.


On the topic of serial defector, Member for Gaven Alex Douglas, he said “he was unhappy with some things that happened in the party and he’s always been a very independent and somewhat eccentric individual and sadly I think that he never really demonstrated the integrity that he should have in giving the people of Gaven a choice as to whether they wanted to be represented by someone from the LNP or someone from the Palmer United Party or now an independent”.

Doctor Douglas quit the LNP shortly after it won office in 2012, then joined the Palmer United Party before parting ways with PUP this year.

Despite the latest reports of a move toward independence Mr Molhoek maintained there is “strength in numbers” but wouldn’t comment on how he rates his chances ahead of the next election.

He did say that is a matter for the people of Southport.