Gold Coast MP David Crisafulli to run for LNP leadership

A prominent Gold Coast MP has just announced he will run for leadership of the LNP party, and is currently the only contender for the role.

Deb Frecklington announced on Monday that she will stand down from the role once votes are finalised from the 2020 state election, in which the LNP suffered a miserable defeat.

There was speculation that Deputy Leader Tim Mander may have put his hand up for the role, but has since confirmed that he won’t be running for the leadership or for the role deputy.


Shortly after, Broadwater MP David Crisafulli announced he will run for leadership, and is currently unopposed.

“I confirm I will be a candidate for the leadership of the Parliamentary Liberal National Party,” his statement reads.

“I nominate as someone who can offer the discipline to hold the government to account and the energy to start the four-year task of preparing the LNP for government in 2024. Our party, our supporters and those who chose not to support us this time around deserve nothing less.”

Mr Crisafulli also used the statement to acknowledge Deb Frecklington for her work over the last few years, but stopped short of thanking her for her leadership.

“I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the tireless effort that Deb Frecklington and Tim Mander have put into the party’s leadership over the last three years, and particularly throughout the campaign.

“Politics can be cruel and we are all hurting following Saturday’s result. Deb and Tim can be proud of their work ethic and long days trying to secure victory for the LNP,” his statement reads.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she’s really not bothered by any of it.

“Not worried at all that’s a matter for the LNP to lick their wounds after the weekend.

“I’m focused on getting the economy recovered here and of course making sure we continue with our strong health response,” the Premier said.