Gold Coast MP forced to repay almost $40k internet bill

Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert has received a bill for $37,975 after it was revealed the Gold Coast MP had racked up enormous internet costs at his Nerang home.

Special Minister of the State Alex Hawke said in a statement the Finance Department had signed off on the bill.

“Due to the location of his residence, Mr Robert was only able to access mobile broadband services with limited monthly download capabilities,” he said.


“Whilst the Department of Finance approved the current internet solution, very high excess data charges have understandably caused concern.”

Mr Roberts, who ran an IT firm before entering politics, wrote on Twitter he’s paid the costs.

His exorbitant internet bills were initially published by Fairfax in October.

Their investigation found he spent an average of almost $2000 dollars of taxpayers’ money per month on the internet during the last six months of recorded parliamentary expenses.

This is around 20 times the average amount politicians spend.

In May he spent $2832 and told Fairfax Media the figure was caused by him using 300 gigabytes of data, well over his limit of 50 gigabytes.

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Yes he has paid it back because if there was an investigation it would show that he had been downloading illegal content. The only way you could use that much data is to be downloading movies etc. Even netflix will not use anywhere near that amount and if it was from netflix that is personal not work use. He would have a internet connection paid for by us at his local office and in Canberra why does he need a paid connection at home. I personally think he should still be investigated, especially as he is assistant treasurer, if he cannot be trusted to do the right thing with an internet connection how can he be trusted with the countries money.
If he had done any investigations of available plans he would know that there are and have been plans available that would have cost no more than a few hundred per month for the amount of data he is using.