Gold Coast MP pushes for local LNP stance on abortion reforms

A Gold Coast Labor MP is urging Liberal and National Party Minister to vote to de-criminalise abortion in the upcoming vote in parliament.

After a two-hour long party room meeting on Tuesday, LNP Leader Deb Frecklington issued a statement saying the party had voted in favour of a free vote on the issue.

Member for Gaven Meaghan Scanlon has been a staunch supporter of the proposed laws and says the Gold Coast LNP MPs should listen to the views in their electorate.


“It’s good to see that the LNP have finally allowed a conscience vote on our bill to decriminalise abortion in Queensland,” she said.

“I’m pro-choice, I believe a woman should be able to make a decision about her own health in consultation with her medical practitioner.

“We know the overwhelming majority of Gold Coasters support these reforms, a recent report shows that more than 70 per cent believes in the decriminalisation of abortion.”

Gold Coast LNP MPs have remained tight-lipped about their stance on the issue, with one shadow Minister telling MyGC they’re waiting to voice their opinions in parliament next week.

Yesterday, Ms Frecklington has outlined her views saying she’s against the reforms.

There were reports a month ago that LNP Party President Gary Spence had told MPs they would face possible preselection challenges if they voted for the legislation.