Gold Coast MP racks up $2k monthly internet bill

Gold Coast Federal MP Stuart Robert has defended his enormous home internet bill and its cost to taxpayers.

Fairfax reports the member for Fadden had an average home internet bill of $1845 during the latest six months of expenses, a sum that is nearly 20 times more than other Federal MPs’ internet costs.

His highest bill, in May, totalled $2,832.


The Minister has a masters degree in information technology says the exorbitant costs are due to using a wireless service as other cheaper connections weren’t unavailable when his service was installed.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald he uses around 300-gigabits per month and the high bill was, in part, due to exceeding his 50-gigabit allowance.

Labor Senator Murray Watt told MyGC it’s ironic that Mr Robert’s blaming inaccessible internet on his soaring costs.

“It highlights what a terrible job he and his government have done in rolling out the NBN,” he said.

“For a long time, I and Labor, have been critical of the LNP’s rollout of the NBN on the Gold Coast.”

Minister Robert was recently promoted to Assistant Treasurer after the Liberal leadership spill and was recently confused Australia’s debt with the budget deficit during an interview with Sky News.