Gold Coast MP responds to “vile” social media attacks

Gold Coast MP Meaghan Scanlon has responded to “vile” comments made about her family and personal life on social media by a known LNP volunteer.

The member for Gaven took to social media on Wednesday to share a heartfelt message to her supporters, particularly young women, after the posts were brought up in the media.

“I wasn’t going to give this issue any further oxygen, but then I received this card from Mia who I met a couple of years ago when I gave her a book about women in leadership (and a cupcake),” Ms Scanlon’s post read.


“To all of the little girls and young women out there watching and thinking about getting involved in politics.

“Please don’t let these comments stop you from changing the world.

“There are still some cracks in the glass ceiling we need to break through to make this a better place for you.

“But every time we stand up and push through, sometimes gaining bruises on the way, we make it easier for the next woman.

“So remember, when they go low we go high.

“Because the sky is the limit.”

A card sent to Meaghan Scanlon during the campaign. IMAGE | Facebook

Ms Scanlon labelled the comments  “vile personal attacks made against me and my family”.

“These comments are disgusting and the sort of gutter politics people are sick of,” she said.

The volunteer behind the posts, which were circulated on Facebook, including local community groups, has been axed by the LNP.

They will no longer have anything to do with the campaign and are expected to face disciplinary action.