Gold Coast MPs back “selfish” tax reforms

Gold Coast senator Murray Watt is accusing Government MPs of taking a selfish stance on tax reforms.

Legislation was passed through Parliament yesterday which will see higher earners pay the same tax percentage as low to middle-income earners.

Senator Watt told MyGC this decision primarily benefits the top end of town.


“I think the Government MPs including Bert van Manen (Coalition member for Ford) have got their priorities wrong,” he said.

“I think most Australians want to see a tax system where wealthier people pay a higher rate of tax than people on middle to lower incomes.

“If you’re earning $60 000, you shouldn’t have to pay the same tax rate as someone earning $200 000.”

Under the new legislation, low to middle-income earners will receive some relief, in the form of a tax rebate.

Gold Coasters won’t be paying less tax throughout the year but will receive a lump sum at the end of financial year.

Senator Watt said Federal Labor was supportive of this move, and when drafting the legislation wanted to increase the amount in the rebate.

“For whatever reason, the Government MPs and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson wanted to lower that,” he said.

“The Gold Coast Government MPs are voting to help big business and very wealthy people.”