A Gold Coast Mum has come up with a brilliant way to combat children’s nightmares

Are nightmares wreaking havoc in your household? This could be the solution you’ve be waiting for!

Gold Coast mum Libby Want has come up with a creative way to banish her young son’s fears, turning the monsters that fuelled his nightmares into quirky characters in a children’s book.

Ms Want said the idea for her book Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray came after her eldest son Sidney, now aged 4, developed fears so intense he would wake at night screaming in panic, unaware of his surroundings and unable to get back to sleep.


“I would be up at 2am, consoling him & googling everything I could, to try and find a solution. Everyone said it was just a phase that Sidney would grow out of, but it was impacting on every member of the family and I decided we needed to deal with this ourselves,” Mrs Want said.

“We sat down together as a family and Sidney would tell us all about these monsters – what their names were, what they looked like, where they lived.”

Using Sidney’s descriptions, Ms Want wrote the book and her husband Andrew drew the illustrations.

“It was a very interactive process where we channelled Sidney’s imagination into something fun, but also gained some really interesting insights into the problem we were facing,” she said.

After creating the book, Ms Want said both Sidney and younger brother William, 2, were easier to get to bed and the nightmares disappeared.

Ms Want said the book, which is now available to purchase, can help kids overcome fears and anxieties and put an end to sleepless nights.

“We decided to publish the book to provide other families with a platform that would encourage an open dialogue and allow children to talk about their fears with their parents.”

It also contains a fun, interactive recipe to create a monster spray that will eliminate troublesome and scary monsters.

“Beast, witch, goblin or vampire, they simply go haywire with a single spray of Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray.”

For more information or to order Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray, visit: monsterspraymum.com