Gold Coast mum wins $102K while escaping heat

A Gold Coast mum’s become over $100,000 richer, after playing keno in the aircon on a hot summer’s day.

The woman had been trying to escape the heat yesterday, when she went into Nerang RSL & Memorial Club yesterday.

Thinking she’d just be there for a cool drink, the aircon and some dinner, a quick round of Keno saw her win $102,857.50


She’s told a Keno official she couldn’t believe her luck.

“I had gone into the club to escape the heat, sit in the aircon and have a drink and some dinner.

“It’s funny because I would never stay at the club so late! But I did, and while I was sitting there, I decided to put on some Keno.

“I initially thought I had won $600, not $102,000!

“When they told me what I had won I said ‘No way! You’re wrong, you’re definitely wrong!’ I made him check it so many times.

“I was in tears! It was such a shock. It’s so exciting! It’s an incredible win right before Christmas.

“I haven’t slept a wink since. I’ve been just sitting here, completely gobsmacked.

“I can’t fathom this. It’s life changing for me!”

She plans to use the money for a house deposit, and share some cash with her family.