Gold Coast mums prove they know nothing about renovating in first episode of The Block

The Block returned to our TV screens last night, and Gold Coast mums Suzi and Yvonne quickly proved they are way out of their depth.

In the first challenge, the five new teams were given a 24-hour makeover room challenge to determine what floor they will be renovating for the next 12 weeks.

While discussing ideas for their room, Suzi, a former penthouse model, and her bestie Vonni revealed their lack of renovation knowledge to The Block host Scott Cam.


‘Our problem is we can get the stuff out of here, we’ve got all the decorations and we’ve got everything happening… but the hard part for us is the tradies,’ Vonni said.

Scott Cam advised the good-looking pair to hire a chippie to help them.

‘What’s a chippie?’ Suzi asked, leaving Scott dumbfounded at her lack of basic renovation knowledge.

Later the brunette beauty revealed she ‘thought it was someone that works in a fish and chip shop’.

Trade Talk 101: “Chippie” is a colloquial term for a carpenter. ? #TheBlock

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Social media was abuzz following the comment, with many less-than-impressed with the duo.

Comedian Dave Hughes took to twitter, posting: ‘What’s a chippy?’ Thousands of rejected applicants just kicked in their plasma’s #TheBlock’

Gidgit VonLaRue ‏posted”: ‘#TheBlock Plastic Fantastic “what’s a chippie?”‘

Angry Man ‏posted: ‘Why did they even bother trying coming on #TheBlock if they know absolutely nothing?’

The Block continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.