Gold Coast named as State’s theft hotspot

All Gold Coasters are being warned to be extra vigilant heading into the festive season, with the region named as the worst location for car and home thefts.

Almost 400 cars have been stolen from the Coast since 2015, with 650 homes burgles.

RACQ spokesperson Kristy Clinton said we need to be alert.


“This data proves the Gold Coast is a hot spot for criminals,” Ms Clinton said.

“Local residents need to be vigilant about home and car security to ensure they’re not victims in the future.”

She added a significant number of these thefts were from opportunistic thieves and there is some simple measure you can take to avoid being targeted.

“Always lock your car doors and keep the windows up, park in a secure garage or well-lit, well-populated location and never leave valuables on display in your vehicle,” Ms Clinton said.

“When it comes to your home, lock your doors, consider investing in an alarm or sensor light, and if you trust your neighbours, ask them to be on the lookout when you’re away.”

Top five locations for car theft claims (1 January 2015 – 31 December 2017):

  1. Gold Coast – 382 claims
  2. Logan – 280 claims
  3. Townsville – 224 claims
  4. Moreton Bay – 215 claims
  5. Brisbane South – 174 claims.

Top five locations for home burglary claims (1 January 2015 – 31 December 2017):

  1. Gold Coast – 647 claims
  2. Logan – 627 claims
  3. Moreton Bay – 511 claims
  4. Brisbane South – 507 claims
  5. Ipswich – 313 claims.