Gold Coast nightclub owner Ivan Tesic jailed over massive drug stash

Gold Coast nightclub owner and drug kingpin Ivan Tesic has been jailed for almost nine years after being sentenced on drugs charges.

Tesic was last week found guilty of possessing 3.68kgs of meth oil worth an estimated $5.25 million.

Six bottles of meth oil were found in his car at his Isle of Capri home in 2014.


Prosecutors told his sentencing hearing that the amount of drugs and Tesic’s lengthy criminal history warranted a sentence of up to 13 years.

Justice Glenn Martin ended up jailing Tesic for eight years and nine months.

Prosecutors also confirmed they would not pursue the more serious charge of drug trafficking after a jury was unable to reach a verdict for the second time.

Tesic’s lawyers have already lodged an appeal against his drug possession conviction and argued he should be granted bail pending that appeal.

However Justice Martin rejected his bid.

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