Gold Coast on COVID alert after virus detected in wastewater

Gold Coasters are being urged to remain vigilant and get tested if they develop any COVID symptoms after fragments of the virus were detected in the city’s sewage.

While it’s not the first time that has happened, health officials are especially nervous this time given the unfolding COVID situation in Sydney.

Fragments of the virus have also been detected in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns.


Officials say it could simply be people shedding the virus after previously being diagnosed.

But more worryingly, it could be a sign that there are undetected cases of coronavirus in the community.

There were long queues at fever clinics across the Gold Coast on Saturday which is expected to be repeated again today.

Waits of at least two hours were reported at the Gold Coast University Hospital clinic.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says it’s more crucial than ever that people heed the warnings.

“If any of us develop any symptoms, please immediately come forward, get tested at one of our many fever clinics across the state, and stay at home until you get a negative result. That is critically important,” Dr Young said. 

It comes as Queensland recorded two new cases overnight, both returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

There are currently 11 active cases across the state.

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What a load of rubbish more scare mongering just to make people comply to there scamdemic

Scamdemic …really? so the +2 million dead are pretending to be dead? And the millions of others in hospitals around the world struggling to breath and on life support, they faking too are they? Pull your head in and wake up. If we are not careful we too could be facing what others around the world are – a TRUE PANDEMIC.

What nonsense, there are currently 2 active cases in the Gold Coast in hotel quarantine. What’s in the waste water is no surprise based on this fact. You’re just trying to get more readers to your site, shame on you

And yet in every country where the virus is running amok they find it in the waste water… They are not trying to get readership, rather they are trying to make the public aware – being informed and following the guidelines is our only way out of this situation. It was people in the UK NOT following public advise that led to my auntie getting COVID and DYING. Too many selfish morons in this world.

The Flu has never left QLD.

Which treatment plants? That would be useful information worth sharing surely

Exactly. And more information on proximity and concentrations wound be far more informing? What the considered level in parts per million (ppm) is the usual measure? Why? Cause it takes into consideration concentration at the point of measured? From there algorithms can be used to predict possible source locations?
This kind of detection should be no more difficult to perform than water quality testing of the water distributon network? water officers have the responsibly of collecting counts of total coliforms in potable water in the distribution network, we only need poo monitoring officers to keep a granular check on the sewage network; rather than ‘oh we have covid measuring from the input to the sewage treatment plant’ sounds kind of ridiculous when you consider what we do for drinking water?