Gold Coast passes peak of COVID transmission as Qld records 10,000 new cases, 13 deaths

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer believes the Gold Coast may have passed the peak of COVID transmission as the state records more than 10,000 new cases.

Queensland reported 10,212 cases in the last 24 hours from 19,926 tests, including 3.615 positive rapid antigen tests.

Another 13 people have died, four aged in their 70s, seven in their 80s and two in their 90s.


878 people are now being treated for COVID-19 in public hospitals across Queensland.

CHO Dr John Gerrard said the falling hospitalisation numbers on the Gold Coast would indicate the peak had passed.

“The Gold Coast numbers in hospital have declined slightly everyday for the past four days,” Dr Gerrard said.

“So, it would appear that the Gold Coast is close to or past the peak of transmission.”

Dr Gerrard admitted things were looking better for Queensland hospitals than first forecast.

“The number of people in hospital appears to be significantly lower than we had expected,” he said.

“This, we believe, has to do with people’s changing behaviour in avoiding getting infected, so I’d certainly thank the people of Queensland for heeding the warnings.”

However, the Chief Health Officer warned the peak was yet to come across the rest of the state.

“The Gold Coast was always likely to be the first place to peak,” he said.

“Brisbane should follow within seven days .. possibly Cairns as well and then other regional areas.

“We won’t know for another week or so when we hit the general peak for Queensland.”

Dr Gerrard said it was not a time for people to relax their attitudes towards the virus.

“I would remind people this is the peak, not the end,” Dr Gerrard warned.

“That means that we’ve got very significant transmission in the community at the moment and the end will not be for a number of weeks.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also urged the most vulnerable in the community to continue minimising their movements for the next fortnight.

“It’s perfectly okay to go and do your shopping, perfectly okay to go and visit your family,” the Premier said.

“But please avoid mixing in crowds, just over the next couple of weeks, until we get through this peak.”