Gold Coast pet owners urged to be tick aware

WE’RE being reminded to keep an eye on our pets, with fleas and ticks enjoying the warming weather.

Local Petbarn Store Manager Nathan Neary is reminding Gold Coast pet owners to be on high alert.

Paralysis ticks are particularly dangerous across Queensland, attaching themselves to cats or dogs and secreting a toxin that affects the nervous system and can result in death if untreated.


Symptoms of paralysis ticks include: loss of coordination in the hind legs or not being able to stand up; vomiting; loss of appetite; lethargy; difficulty or rapid breathing; change in bark or meow and excessive salivation.

With recent market research showing that 88% of dog owners in tick areas are either not using a tick control product or are using one but not frequently enough to prevent tick paralysis1, Petbarn Burleigh Store Manager, Nathan says is important Gold Coast pet owners are vigilant.

“The best form of protection for your pet is prevention. It is important to choose a product that controls ticks and is applied as directed to ensure it is effective, and continue to check your pet for ticks daily,” said Petbarn Burleigh Store Manager, Nathan.