Gold Coast petrol contaminated at one site

Some Caltex customers on the Gold Coast are being warned their regular unleaded petrol could contain traces of diesel.

Regular unleaded fuel sold from some bowers at Caltex’s site on the M1 northbound at Reedy Creek from Wednesday night until Thursday morning contained a small amount of diesel.

Specifically this message affects motorists who filled up between 6pm on Wednesday night and 10am on Thursday.


Sam Collyer from Caltex Australia said due to a mistake made during the filling up process, there is Diesel in the Regular Unleaded bowser.

That means some motorists could be driving around with Diesel in their tank and not know it.

He said the truck delivery was made on the night in question and the wrong product was put into the tank and “we only detected and confirmed that late on Thursday”.

Mr Collyer said vehicles will still be able to be driven.  He said people who are worried need to call the hotline to see if they’re affected.

“Some people may have filled up with Regular petrol from that site, but filled up from a bowser that was not affected so people need to give us a call first and have a chat” he added.

Mr Collyer said “we would expect that these motorists have been affected that their vehicle may be running sub-optimally, there may be some issues that they can detect with their car”.

“So we’re just asking customers that if they filled up with Regular petrol from that site, during that specific window if they can give us a call on 1800 240 398.

“We can determine if they’ve been affected and if they have been affected, we’ll provide for their out of pocket expenses.

“If it is confirmed that the customer is affected and that they have filled up in that particular window, obviously if there are any mechanical expenses, assessment costs, mechanical repairs if they need to occur, we will be covering those expenses” Mr Collyer said.

Caltex said in a statement that it is unacceptable that we have supplied some customers with petrol that did not meet our stringent standards.