Gold Coast police officer hospitalised after car runs a red light

A police officer was hospitalised after a driver ran a red light on the Gold Coast last night.

It’s understood a vehicle was travelling along Mill Road in Steiglitz just around 7.15 pm when they ran a red at the intersection with Short Cut Road.

They then collided with the passenger side of a police patrol vehicle, injuring the officer inside.


Paramedics were called to the scene around 7.30 pm, where they assessed three people.

Two declined transport to the Gold Coast University Hospital, while the third was hospitalized in a stable condition with minor injuries.

A police spokesperson confirmed the officer was hospitalized, but the age and gender of the officer has not been confirmed by police or paramedics.

Investigations are underway.

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No red light it was a stop sign gota love bad reporting as usual

Red light or Stop sign mean the same.
You need to re sit your license test.

I was stating the incorrect reporting not the road rules the press has to report things correctly but they don’t and they are not held accountable it is happening all over the world