Gold Coast police officers under fire following CCC investigation

FIFTEEN Senior Gold Coast Police Officers are facing an internal investigation following a major Crime and Corruption Commission investigation.

A total of 33 complaints were made to the CCC in the first half of 2017, relating to the recording of crime statistical data and inappropriate workplace behaviour by senior Gold Coast officers.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the watchdog said accusations included police bullying and intimidating other officers to “achieve ‘aspirational’ performance targets”.


“The CCC did not find evidence of formal directions being given to alter crime statistics. However, it did find evidence that officers were pressured to achieve “aspirational” performance targets and subjected to verbal intimidation and negative workplace behaviours by a number of senior officers to encourage them to meet those targets,” the CCC said.

“Allegations were made that officers who supported the inappropriate workplace practices were then given preferential treatment in recruitment processes and career development opportunities.”

The CCC said there was also evidence found against senior officers in relation to favouritism shown to one of the senior officers in relation to acting in a higher role, as well as evidence regarding the officer inappropriately pressuring another officer in relation to a transfer.

“The CCC has separately taken action against a senior officer from the GCD in relation to matters arising from a specific recruitment process.

“The matters are now before the Court,” the corruption watchdog said.

In total, 19 matters involving corrupt conduct and 14 matters involving police misconduct have been referred to the Queensland Police Service for further investigation and appropriate action.