Gold Coast Police say operations are working

POLICE are confident people are getting the message when it comes to drug offences, thank to regular operations being run throughout the Gold Coast.

Last Saturday night Gold Coast police conducted a drug dog operation in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, netting just one person for possession of four ecstasy pills.

Police see this result as an outstanding success and reflects the impact of strong public order policing and ongoing drug investigations targeting suppliers of illicit drugs in the nightclub scene.


Gold Coast Police District Superintendent Ben Hanbidge said that the results speak for themselves.

“The fewer people that we find in possession of drugs, the better. That is how we gauge success. It shows that our strategies are working. Normally we would average eight to ten arrests per operation, now we are flat out getting one.

“We will be continuing with these operations, and will not be restricting them to just Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach,” warned Superintendent Hanbidge.

Since 2011, eight similar drug dog operations have been conducted in the nightclub precincts, netting a total of 77 offenders on 104 drug related charges.

The two most recent operations have resulted in the arrest of three offenders found in possession of illicit drugs.