Gold Coast police whistleblower to stand trial

UPDATE:  A Gold Coast Police Officer turned whistleblower has been ordered to stand trial for leaking footage to the media.

Rick flori was charged with misconduct after vision of a handcuffed Noa Begic being beaten by Police in 2012 went public.

Jurors will be asked to decide if the leak was to harm a colleague – an allegation raised by the Director of Public prosecutions that he has pleaded not guilty to.


EARLIER: Gold Coast Police whistleblower Rick Flori will learn on Friday whether he will be forced to face trial or be let off altogether.

Sergeant Rick Flori is accused of leaking footage of colleagues bashing a handcuffed Noa Begic at Surfers Paradise Police Station in 2012.

The Director of Public Prosecutions alleged he gave the vision to media because he planned to “cause a detriment” to a co-worker who featured in the video.

But the Defence argued he had no case to answer, adding that he wanted to raise awareness of police brutality.

In Southport Court on Friday, Sergeant Flori will learn if he will be committed to stand trial on a charge of misconduct.

He has also been fighting a decision to suspend him without pay but that battle is ongoing.