Gold Coast Police working to prevent suicide

SUICIDE is often a taboo topic in our community but Gold Coast Police recognise it is a real and devastating one for all those involved, including loved ones and those left behind.

They have begun an initiative in partnership with the Gold Coast Suicide Prevention Network – Wesley Mission to assist people affected by suicide or attempted suicide.

Often police are at the front line to deal with these type of incidents, so they have a Suicide Prevention Information card outlining the help and services available.


Gold Coast District Acting Chief Superintendent Des Lacy said that it was important to equip police officers with information to assist people affected by suicide or who may have attempted to take their own life.

“A big part of this initiative is reaching out and helping those people who may have attempted or who are contemplating to harm themselves with information and contact details about the services available to prevent any further attempts,” he said.

“These are emotional and confusing times for those people involved as well as those left behind and we want to do all we can to assist them.”