Lockdown lifted at GC primary school after threats left on voicemail

UPDATE @ 10.30AM | A LOCKDOWN at a Gold Coast primary school has been lifted.

Police have declared the scene safe after the school received overnight voice mails regarding ‘potential bomb threats’.

Inspector Ray Vine, Regional Duty Officer for the SE Region, said officers have declared the scene safe after the school received overnight voice mails regarding ‘potential bomb threats’.


“Just before 8.30am the school checked a number of voice message that had been left overnight that had given some non-specific threats to the school,” Inspector Vine said.

“As a result of that the school went into lockdown. They exercised their normal procedures.

“A full search of the school was undertaken in conjunction with police, the school principal and school staff.

“A number of checks have been conducted by QPS and at this point in time we are satisfied there is no risk to the school and the lockdown has just been lifted.”

Inspector Vine admitted the threats were “a little incoherent” and investigations are now underway into the phone number that left the message.

Earlier at 9.30AM | A Gold Coast primary school has been sent into lockdown as police investigate another alleged threat.

Parents were notified by Helensvale State Primary School this morning and asked them to keep students who had not already been dropped off away from the school until further notice.

“Please note due to a threat made to school we are in a lockdown,” the text read.

“If you have no dropped students please keep them with you until further notice. If you have already dropped students to school please be advised they are safe and being cared for.”

Police have confirmed they received a call from the school just after 8.30am and officers are attending as a precaution.

“Police are currently attending an educational facility on Lindfield Road to verify the authenticity of an alleged threat,” A Police spokesperson told MyGC.

The exact nature of the threat remains unclear.

It’s not the first time the facility has been thrown into lockdown, with a similar incident last month.

The school was shutdown for several hours after two threatening messages were left on the overnight answering service.

There was speculation at the time the threats may have been meant for Helensvale State High School which was embroiled in the Snapchat bullying saga.