Gold Coast ratepayers warned of SMS scam claiming to be from Council

Gold Coast ratepayers are being warned about an SMS scam currently doing the rounds.

The text message, claiming to be from City of Gold Coast, encourages victims to make payments.

It reads: “Secret code for biller GCCC *****, ****** do not provide this to anyone including the Nab”


Organisational Services Director Glen Potter today urged local ratepayers to ignore the text and contact their banks.

“The first council heard about it [the scam] was last week, and it was provided by ratepayers” Mr Potter said.

“There was no breach of council data bases so we weren’t aware that the scam was occurring.

“The ratepayers made us aware, so we did some investigations and suggested to them that they should contact their banks.

“Council has also referred the matter to the police.”

Mr Potter emphasised that sending out text messages requesting people to make payments is not something that council would ever do.

“This is a scam so please ignore it,” he said.