Gold Coast rates set for biggest spike in years

Gold Coast ratepayers face their biggest rate hike in more than a decade but the increase will still be below inflation.

The city’s $2 billion budget, to be handed down in less than a fortnight, is expected to adopt a rate rise of at in the “low four percent”, according to Mayor Tom Tate.

That’s well up on last year’s increase of 2.5 per cent but still under the current inflation rate of 5.1 per cent.


Mayor Tate has previously described this year’s budget process as the most challenging during his time in office.

He says they’ve worked tirelessly over the last 10 years to keep rate increases at or below CPI.

“Council costs are rising, just like family budgets but at the same time, we must do everything to ease cost of living pressures,” he said.

“Bringing in a rate increase under CPI is the best we can do.

“We’ve achieved that for the past decade and I thank all councillors for their work over recent Special Budget committee meetings.

“Let’s see what the final rate figure is on June 14.”

It’s not clear at this stage how much water and sewerage bills are likely to increase

State water charges increased by 3.5 per cent last financial year.