Gold Coast records a warm, dry winter as spring temps start to soar

If you thought winter on the Gold Coast was warmer and drier than usual then you’d be pretty much on the money.

Figures released by the Bureau of Meteorology show average temps across the Gold Coast over the last three months were slightly higher than average.

The average maximum temp at the Gold Coast Seaway in winter was 22.4 degrees, which is 0.8 above the norm.


Despite a number of cool nights, the average minimum temp was 12.9 degrees, 0.3 degrees above the usual average temp across the three months.

In Coolangatta the average maximum temp across winter was 22.1 degrees which is 1 degree higher than norm.

That equals the record set just two years ago.

Not even one July morning below 1 degree could help budge the average low in Coolie which came in at 10.9 degrees, just 0.2 degrees above the norm.

Rainfall was also pretty scarce across the Gold Coast over winter.

The Seaway recorded just 129mm, only 59 per cent of the winter average.

Coolangatta was only slight better with 65 per cent of its winter average, recording 174mm.

The warm and dry weather shows no signs of abating with the Bureau tipping similar conditions right across spring.

Temperatures will soar across the Coast this week, hitting 29 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday and 30 on Friday.

The sunny weather will continue across the weekend with only slightly cooler temps.