Gold Coast residents advised to check their dog’s fur coats

As Gold Coast residents prepare for a potentially serious flu season, they are reminded not to forget their pets who may also be longing for winter warmth from the cold.

The winter months are the most common time for sickness in animals and pet owners are being encouraged to take precautions to ensure their dog’s fur coats can withstand the cold temperatures.

Dogs Queensland General Manager Rob Harrison said although some dog breeds will grow a thick layered fur coat for the winter months, other dogs may lose fur due to shedding. “A dog’s fur is important in keeping its body warm and maintaining an attractive coat which is why it can be difficult to see your pet suffer from seasonal hair loss,” he said.


“We have heard of cases where it can have a drastic effect on a dog’s appearance, leaving bald spots and patchy spots all over their body. Unfortunately, this issue is sometimes overlooked by pet owners who forget that their pets also feel the cold and require protection from cold weather.”

Rob said animals are used to shelter and the warmth it brings, therefore not equipping them for low temperatures can lead to illness.

“Hair loss is a concern for some dogs when seasonal changes take place. Vets often advise short haired animals are more likely to need an extra layer to keep them warm in winter,” he said. “We encourage pet owners to constantly check that their pets are warm and not shivering or showing signs of vulnerability to the cold.

“If you believe your dog is losing an excessive amount of fur, you should consult a licensed local vet who can advise the most effective treatment for your pooch.”

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