Gold Coast residents being driven bat crazy by deafening flying foxes

The State Opposition is calling on the Government to step in and save Gold Coast residents from a colony of bats that has forced some from their homes.

Residents around Coombabah are at breaking point with the bats screeching and dropping faeces just metres from homes.

Shadow Environment Minister and Broadwater MP David Crisafulli says enough is enough and the State Government needs to take action.


“There’s several families and they’re going through a living hell at the moment and the reason why is we have this culture that somehow puts the rights of bats ahead of the rights of families and it’s just really, really sad,” Mr Crisafulli said.

Council says it’s restricted in what action it can take because the bats are a protected species.

Mr Crisafulli says the buck stops with Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch.

“All that she needs to do, with a flick of a switch, the stroke of a pen, she can order and allow the Council to do the work to move these things on. It’s not hard its been done before.

“Whether that’s the sensible pruning of trees or making noise, smoking and pushing them out and driving them out to the bush where they belong, that’s what needs to happen.

“I want to see babies put before bats and families put before flying foxes.

Mr Crisafulli says he’s written to the Minister and raised it on the floor of State Parliament and the time for talk is over.

“They keeping passing the buck back to Council and the issue lies with the State Government. The State Government needs to give the necessary approvals.”

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Local councils have the “as of right authority …. ” Bah Humbug. Bats less than 20 metres from back doors of dwellings. Our council took down a couple of palm trees, cut the grass between fences and first row of trees, laid geo-fabric … to stop the weeds from growing too fast. That was the effort. We asked that some of the tea-trees be taken out to at least lessen the population. 9 year fight for nothing from being abused to patronised. Had to wait for the babies to be able to fly out over one Christmas to allow fixing of sewerage spill. All work must be done at night to avoid disturbance. Taxpayers dollars. Nothing has changed.

We have had flying foxes in the trees behind us in Noosaville for 6 years. We have put up with the noise, smell and mess for all that time and still the Council refuses to do anything about it. They said they would eventually go away, but that has not happened. We too have been abused and patronised and now completely ignored by our Council. The trees were originally planted by Council years ago, and there were NO bats when any of us bought here, otherwise we would not be here. It is well overdue that people were put before flying foxes, and if we all stopped paying our rates the Council may get serious. There is mounting outrage about the path of the new runway at Sunshine Coast, but I can honestly say I would rather have planes flying over than 24 hour a day bats.

If you want to see the damage and stench from these mongrel flying bags a faeces just go to MacLean in NSW. The stench is vile and the noise is unbelievable. They should be filled. There is too many of them and common sense needs to prevail.