Gold Coast residents targeted in new scam

Gold Coast residents are being warned about the latest scam targeting people across the city, tricking people into handing over personal information.

A number of residents on the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane have reported receiving calls from people claiming they are from Energex.

Some of the those have been robocalls.


The callers have been seeking personal details including Medicare numbers and driver’s license details.

Some of the callers have also been offering fake discounts on energy bills in a further bid to entice people to hand over information.

Energex says the electricity distributor will never call or knock on doors out of the blue seeking that sort of information.

“Energex is not a retailer and does not issue electricity bills so we will never call a homeowner seeking any kind of personal details such as banking information,” an Energex spokesperson said.

“On the rare occasions when we may need to contact a customer directly, we’ll never seek this sort of private information. Furthermore, all Energex staff carry identification cards at all times and will present it upon request when dealing with the community.”

Anyone who receives a call from someone claiming to be someone from Energex requesting personal details is urged to hang up and ring Energex or report it to ScamWatch here

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I’ve reported stuff to Scamwatch – total waste of time. But one that has been going on for months is the NBN scam. A robocall from “Nicole” tells you that if you don’t call this number and speak to a technician, your NBN will be cut off and your computer shut down. We have probably had 100 calls (We see private number and don’t answer anymore). Usually a number starting with 3 which means the call is from Victoria. Thing is, we don’t have NBN. These criminals would probably trick some people though. No one in authority can help.