Gold Coast responds to domestic violence package

A Gold Coast group which supports victims of violence, has welcomed the federal government’s funding commitment.

New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled a $100 million package to boost support services and training.

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Director Amy Compton-Keen said the spend is welcome.


“Look any money is good news because this is a huge social issue and it’s not always about money, but money is fundamental to finding solutions and taking this issue forward”.

The package also funds practical measures to help those trying to escape an abusive partner including giving them a mobile phone.

But Ms Compton-Keen was not sure about a plan to put Lawyers in Hospitals to give provide free legal advice.

She said “to be quite honest I’m really not sure of some of the rationale around that because health systems, particularly GP’s, hospitals are one of the spaces that women disclose domestic violence”.

Ms Compton-Keen added “they’re not at the stage of needing legal advice, I’d say they’re at the stage of needing DV specialists in hospitals, that’s what I would have been spending that money on”.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre runs a program called Super Kids at local primary schools.

Ms Compton-Keen said “early intervention” is key “we’re talking to them about safety, understanding other people, understanding emotions and starting to have that dialogue and that’s certainly something we would like to expand throughout the state if we had the capacity and that’s been highly regarded by the teachers because they can then start ongoing conversations with kids”.