Gold Coast rubbish collection kicked to the kerb to make way for new ‘on demand’ service

Gold Coasters will soon be able to ring up to have their unwanted furniture and other rubbish collected, with a new on-demand kerbside clean-up service set to be trialled in the city early next year.

It’s understood the new service will replace the current kerbside collection, which Mayor Tom Tate says creates an eyesore on our suburban streets.

“We don’t want our front yard to look like a war zone,” the Mayor said.


“We want an efficient on-demand service for our residents that enables us to recover and recycle the goods collected.”

Mayor Tom Tate said the new service, which will be put out to tender later this month, won’t cost any more than the current kerbside collection service which happens on a specified week.

“Having an allocated week for collection doesn’t work for everyone and being able to get rid of your excess material when you need it to happen is important,” the Mayor said.

“We know there are systems out there that are better than what we have been offering, so let’s take a look.”

It’s expected that the on-demand service, which will allow residents to simply call up Council and arrange a time to have their unwanted rubbish and recycling collected from their doorstep, will be operational early next year.

During the first year of the trial, the on-demand kerbside clean up service will be available to residents in Divisions 4, 6 and 8-14.

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Not often I agree with Tom Tate (in fact this is the first time ever!), but this sounds like a good idea.

When will other divisions be able to participate particularly division 5

Sounds great but I didn’t get kerb side last year and now not in the trial divisions, I find this frustrating because I am a rate payer and should have this service provided

It’s said in this that division 4 will take part in this but you go to another website & it’s not. When is division 4 going to be collected?