Gold Coast schoolies arrests down, patient numbers up

Police say it was another busy night in Surfers Paradise last night, with the first schoolies week beginning to wrap up.

Though despite massive crowds there were very few arrests.

Gold Coast police report only six schoolies were arrested and charged on eight offences overnight.


Many of those offences related to drug and public nuisance offences.

Of the schoolies arrested; five were male and one was female.

The number are an improvement on the same night last year – which saw eight schoolies arrested.

Also last night, no schoolies were issued a liquor infringement notice for drinking in a public place, and 15 non-schoolies were arrested on 28 charges – mainly drug offences.

Paramedics had a slightly busier night than earlier this week, treating around 77 schoolies in the emergency tent.

Seven patients had to be taken to hospital for further assessment.