Gold Coast schools facing staff shortages with teachers stranded in NSW

Border closures are expected to have a major impact on Gold Coast schools today, now that teachers are not allowed in from New South Wales.

It’s one of the restrictions brought in over the weekend, with teachers and childcare workers not considered essential enough to cross the border.

Unfortunately, this means severe staff shortages for schools and child cares on the Gold Coast.


Palm Beach Currumbin High School is reportedly facing a shortfall of 28 teachers.

Local state member for Gaven Meaghan Scanlon says the government is working with schools where possible.

“The education minister has already been working with schools and already putting in backup plans based on the fact that we’ve all known the number haven’t been going particularly well in New South Wales.

“So the Department of Education will continue to work with schools.

“Over the last year there’s been a lot of change in a lot of education facilities and we thank all of the teaching staff for all of the work that they’ve been doing.

“We understand there are still other measures that are in place so that we can still do things like virtual learning and other backup measures,” Ms Scanlon told myGC this morning.