Gold Coast Seaway records ‘warmest’ June night since 2015

While it may be overcast and dreary outside this morning, the Gold Coast Seaway has recorded its warmest June night in five years.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the area got down to a low of 18.9 degrees just after 2.00am on Sunday.

Rosa Hoff from the Bureau of Meteorology told myGC it was the warmest June night at the Seaway since 2015.


“Our temperatures have been above average over the last couple of days and they have been creeping up bit by bit, day by day,” Ms Hoff said.

“Last night we got down to a minimum of 18.9 at the Gold Coast Seaway which was quite warm and in fact the warmest night we have had since 2015 at that site.”

Ms Hoff said a cold air is expected to come through the city tomorrow, dropping temperatures back down.

“We’re heading back to a minimum of 14C which is close to our usual average… so rather than seeing a big drop to cold temperatures, we’re actually just going to return back to normal June conditions, we have just been living in a warmer Winter for the last week.”

The Gold Coast is set to cop a drenching today, with showers and up to 40 millimetres of rain expected across the city.

BOM says some parts of the coast could even take in 50mm of rainfall.

“Areas which are more likely to see heavier rainfall are those further inland, and if they’re under the right clouds they could see those extra drops,” Forecaster Rosa Hoff said.

Thunderstorms are also on the cards for today, however they’re not meant to be too severe.

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