Gold Coast security business cops record fine

A massive fine has been handed to a Gold Coast businessman who underpaid his staff thousands of dollars.

Step Ahead Security Services was taken to court by The Fair Work Ombudsman after eight security guards were short-changed to the tune of $22,779 between May and August in 2014.

Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Jarrett has fined Owen Ivor Jennings $51,400, while his company Step Ahead Security Services Pty Ltd will have to pay up $257,000.


As the company has been wound up, Jennings will be personally responsible for back paying the guards their owed wages.

The court found they were not given their minimum hourly rates, casual loadings, shift allowances, minimum shift pay and penalty rates for night, weekend and overtime work.

“Unfortunately, there are some rogue business operators who think they can short-change their staff and get away with it by liquidating their companies and hiding behind a corporate veil,” Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Mark Scully said.

“They should think again,” he added. “As we will seek to hold them to account at every available opportunity.”

Mr Jennings is now a consultant to new company, Tweed Coast Security.