Gold Coast set to cop a drenching over the next 48 hours

Gold Coasters are being urged to prepare for a few days of wild weather with heavy rainfall set to soak much of the coast from today.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s David Crock says the Gold Coast will see 40-100mm of rain on Friday as a system moves our way the Sunshine Coast.

“There’s a coastal trough which is currently further north towards the Sunshine Coast but we expect that to move south over the next 24 hours or so,” Crock said.


“It will bring a lot of rainfall with it. It just depends how far south it moves and how quickly as to whether that really heavy stuff reaches the Gold Coast tomorrow morning.”

The system is not connected with Cyclone Gita, which did help to bring pumping swells to the Gold Coast just last week.

“Gita has well and truly moved off down towards New Zealand. What we are seeing is a lot of tropical moisture coming down in the north to north-easterly airflow off the coral sea. So that’s what is bringing all this rainfall to us.”

We could also see some thunderstorms develop from today although they aren’t expected to be severe.

“Anything severe would be for heavy rainfall,” Mr Crock said.

“They wouldn’t be your typical storms that come in from the west. It would be onshore showers that get a bit thundery at times and there could be some heavy rainfall.”

Gold Coasters are being urged to take care, with the downpour likely to cause localised flooding in some areas.

The wet weather is expected to continue over the weekend, but the heavy falls will start to ease across Saturday, with 25-70mm predicted.

It will remain cloudy on Sunday with the chance of showers and storms once again but it will be another warm day, with tops expected to reach 32 degrees.

“We’ll see a brief period where the winds will come from a little more inland from the north-west. That will bring warmer conditions on Sunday,” Mr Crock said.

“After that, it does get nice and mild again for the start of next week with a southeasterly change coming through and taking the edge off those temperatures.”

With heavy rain falling across large parts of the state today, police are urging motorists to drive to conditions.

A number of drivers were rescued after proceeding through flooded roads in the Wide Bay area yesterday.

As the rain moves further south, police are warning drivers to slow down, turn their headlights on and increase their stopping distance.