Gold Coast set to lose major surfing event over quarantine bills

Another big blow for Gold Coast tourism this morning, with reports the city could lose its major surfing event to another state.

Newscorp reports that the World Surf League is looking to move the Corona Open somewhere else in the country, in an effort to make secure a bit more money for the event.

It’s all believed to have started over difficulties with the Queensland Government’s stance on quarantine funding.


Queensland’s understood to be refusing to pay the quarantine bill for athletes, saying taxpayers shouldn’t have to cover that cost.

That’s in line with the Queensland’s government’s refusal to pay for the quarantine of athletes for the AFL and NRL during the 2020 seasons.

The Sunshine State’s willing to offer only $500,000 for the Corona Open, while New South Wales and Western Australia have reportedly offered up to $5 million.

The World Surf League is expected to confirm the event’s move tomorrow, but Queensland Minister’s have already expressed their disappointment.

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When your broke your broke.
That’s the story in QLD.
About time the Government stops spending Qlders $$ on sporting events and starts spending to deliver the services Qld needs.
Hospitals, police and a bigger jail.

I’m not sure why they think the Government should fund their quarantine when Queenslanders have to pay their own way. Regardless of that, it’s the small businesses in the area that will suffer yet again.

Tell the truth premier and health minister why were horse buyers at the magic millions allowed to be picked up from there quarantine hotel and allowed to go to the sales then taken back by the magic million driver’s to there hotel.

Not surprising that Labour haven’t any money after giving themselves pay rises and trashing the economy with there lock down nonsense, and they were already running a definite despite high yields from the mining sector

The owner of the company that runs the contest ( Dirkziff, who doesn’t surf) is a multi billionaire.

why should we pay for his event?

if it turns a profit it will be his too keep!

this is all about his 15000 villa development on the Sunshine Coast complete with his Kelly slater wave pool not getting the green light for development because they want build it on flood land

Queensland broke!!! Palletjack Government up the shyt, destroying Queensland day by day… but she brainwashed ya’ll into feeling safe… so you voted her back in Queensland! Sad for Snapper & Rainbow Bay. Coolangatta businesses need all the tourism support they can get right now having the ridiculous months long “on/off” border checkpoint division metres from their businesses splitting our twin towns community in half. Now this blow… embarrassing!

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