Gold Coast sets sights on safety

GOLD COAST leaders joined forces on Tuesday with one focus in mind – how to make the Gold Coast one of the world’s safest cities. (Picture: Isaak Schiller Photography)

Mayor Tom Tate said the time was right to take action.

“It is not a talkfest, we’re here to stamp out problems and tackle threats as they emerge,” said Mayor Tate.


Tate said together, the group looked at what could be done to reduce the rates of alcohol related assaults and crimes of violence and how they would target people who maliciously damage City and private property.

“While this is mostly a police matter we can make a difference,” he said.

“For example identifying new opportunities for lighting, installing more safety cameras, investigating tourism police and urban renewal are all part of our role.

“Over the coming forums we’ll continue to focus on the work we can do to ensure our place as one of the safest cities in the world,” he said.

Acting Chief Superintendent Des Lacy said the greatest tool we can use in combating alcohol fueled violence is unity.

“Each agency represented on this forum will have a part of the answer. Our job will be to develop a plan based on the sum of these parts,” he said.

The inaugural Safer Suburbs forum conducted in partnership with the Queensland Police Service involved representatives from community groups, traders and licensed venues.

An additional three meetings are set for the remainder of the year.