Gold Coast Show Society forced to rethink parking

Gold Coast Show organisers admit some changes will have to be made to the entrance and exit from the car park, after a bumper crowd turned up at the Turf Club on Show Holiday Friday.

The Show Society’s Lavinia Rampino said on Monday they “spent a fair bit of time collecting data on their parking, due to not having Evandale”.

Ms Rampino said while there were enough car spaces available, motorists had to wait for a long time to get into the car park, especially on Friday because there is only one road in and one road out.


She said the Show Society needs to make that better and more efficient.

“So we’re going to sit down with all levels of Government now and discuss how we can improve all those sort of things.

While the trams don’t go anywhere near the Gold Coast Turf Club.  Ms Rampino said there is a bus from Cypress Avenue that travels to Slatyer Avenue but being that Friday was a public holiday and then we had the weekend the timetable was a bit slower.  “So all those sort of things we really need to now look at as we’re starting to settle into home I guess and go where can we improve”.

Importantly she said they don’t want to disrupt the businesses that surround the Turf Club.

She added that when they started running the Gold Coast Show they all agreed that they needed to collect as much data as possible and “sit down after the Show and really be able to analyse it and we did that”.

Ms Rampino also said “I guess now we’ll look at the grand plans and kind of go okay where was a success, where do we need to improve.

The Show Society also received feedback from some showgoers, so the Society will take all of that on board too.

Ms Rampino said the Rodeo had to be the highlight of the weekend, drawing big crowds across the three days.  She added it “had an exciting finish so that’s something we’ll definitely be looking at to continue”.