Gold Coast shrouded in a desert dust haze

If you’ve noticed the Gold Coast is a little hazy this afternoon, you’re not seeing things – we’re experiencing a ‘dust haze’.

Because of the drier conditions further inland, dust picked up by strong westerly winds has travelled a fair distance to reach here on the Gold Coast.

We’re apparently already through the worst of it, according to the Weather Bureau, with conditions easing in the last half and hour or so from their view point in Brisbane.


David Crock from the Bureau says it’s a pretty unusual event, but it won’t last long.

“It was actually kicked up yesterday afternoon, through north-east South Australia around Lake Eyre, it’s been carried all the way to the south east coast on quite strong westerly winds behind a cold front that’s just moving through the region this afternoon.

“It’s obviously very dry out there, in the desert, around the salt lakes and that in South Australia, and strong westerly winds have whipped up that dust and carried it all the way over here to the coast.

“It’s quite a long way to come, I wouldn’t call it a proper dust storm, just sort of hazy, but nonetheless it was quite noticeable this afternoon,” Mr Crock said.