Gold Coast singer Amy Shark finds stowaways on tour bus

Gold Coast musician Amy Shark has described the “scary” moment she discovered two people hiding in her European tour bus.

The “I Said Hi” singer was travelling to the UK from Brussels with her crew on Sunday when they discovered the two stowaways in the luggage compartment.

“SCARY. We just found two people hiding in our tour bus, in the luggage carrier, trying to sneak across the border into the UK,” Shark wrote on Twitter.


“No idea how they got there or who they are or their plans. I didn’t think this stuff happened.”

“I’m so naive hey.”

Shark said she and her team were “okay” after the incident and that the two people walked away after they were found.

“The situation is scary. I feel for them, a very dangerous way to chase a new life,” Shark wrote.

“It’s heartbreaking but the bus is also my home when I’m on the road and I didn’t expect to find people hiding in it.”

The incident happened not long after the multi-Aria Award winner was celebrating her hit track “I Said Hi” being voted Number 5 on Triple J’s Hottest 100.

“I’m crying on the side of the road somewhere between Amsterdam and Brussels. Thank you to everyone who voted. I love you and thanks to @triplej for making my dreams come true! … again,” Shark tweeted.

“This is insane. I’ve had two top five finishes in the #Hottest100 in the last three years. Adore and I Said Hi have changed my life. Four years ago being a part of the countdown was a dream. Remember, I’m just like you, I love music and I love Triple J. Thank you for listening.”