Gold Coast snubbed for AFL Brownlow Medal event

It looks like the Gold Coast now won’t be hosting the AFL’s Brownlow medal event, with organisers confirming it will be conducted virtually instead.

Details about the event were teased this week, with Caroline Wilson telling Channel 9’s Footy Classified program that the event will be online.

“The AFL has realised that some of the things they’ve done in recent weeks have been tone deaf.


“They think it would send a poor and gloating message to the people of Victoria who are doing it tough.

“The social distancing would be too hard and the Queensland Premier is a bit under pressure for her relationships with the AFL,” Ms Wilson said.

It’s understood the votes will be read by CEO Gil Mclachlan from Queensland, and will be hosted by Hamish McLachlan.

There was speculation that the lavish function would have been hosted on the Gold Coast, when the AFL Grand Final was confirmed for Queensland.

But now there won’t be any sort of function attached to the awards at all, for the first time since 1969.

More details will be released later this week.

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Couldnt be happier. Ha ha

So it should be. No matter what Victoria will always be the home of the AFL.. I love qld but when the leader up here rubs it in to Victorians that suffering that she has their game is cruel and un- Astralian
To top it off, telling them if they want to come to Qd to watch the game they have to quarantine for 14 days in NT then maybe they can enter Qld .what a low blow.. I work with tourism and I don’t think they realise that the majority of Aussie tourist that come to Qld are Victorians and NSW.. I bet when all this rubbish is over the NT is looking like paradise to them instead of qld .