Gold Coast snubbed yet again from 2032 Olympics board

The Gold Coast has once again been blocked from being part of the 2032 southeast Queensland Olympic Games Organising Committee.

Mayor Tom Tate was tipped to join the board following Redlands Mayor Karen Williams having to resign from the position following a drink-driving incident.

However, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has appointed the exclusive spot to Noosa Mayor Clare Stewart.


Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate admits he is “simply lost for words” over the exclusion.

“It’s important to understand that most of the main venues in Brisbane are state-owned venues so in real terms, the Gold Coast has more skin-in-the-game than Brisbane yet we have no elected official on the SEQ Board,” Mayor Tate says.

“I think Lord Schrinner really, for Southeast Queensland, he should really explain the decision.”

The Gold Coast has eight Olympic and six Paralympics sports spread over at least eight venues, while Noosa will provide four venues and six sporting events.

Mayor Tate admits his relationship with Brisbane Lord Mayor is now “non-existent” after he failed to reach out.

“Mate, you think you should have rang and explained your decision before you just press the button? I think that’s a fair point of view,”

“It’s crass, no respect and okay you’re a Lord Mayor of Brisbane, but when you come to the Gold Coast, you’ll get the same cold shoulder.”

The Gold Coast City Council is no longer a member of the Southeast Queensland Council of Mayors, and it’s speculated that this may be a reason for the snub.

The city decided to revoke their subscription as the yearly fee is around $350,000 a year for the Gold Coast (the fee is based on population), however all council area’s receive the same vote which Mayor Tate says is a “flawed” democracy system.

The city admits their support for the games will not waiver despite the disappointment.

“It’s a long journey, it’s ten years to go and you’ll see a lot of chopping change on the board but one thing that won’t be changed is the commitment by the City of the Gold Coast to be part of the team and deliver our part being the best we can for the Olympics,”

“Our supportive attitude won’t change because first and foremost it’s an Australian game and we’re Aussies and Queenslander so that won’t tarnish any of that.”

As for Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, Mayor Tate left him with a scathing warning.

“In politics, if you don’t stay humble and consult, you’re just being arrogant,”

“Pretty soon, people just don’t take you too seriously.”