Gold Coast space company ‘over the moon’ at funding for lunar, Mars missions

A Gold Coast space company is thrilled at the Government’s funding for Australian businesses and researchers to get involved in the next mission to the moon and Mars.

And Gilmour Space Technologies wants to be front and centre in the big space race.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced $150 million in funding as he toured NASA’s Washington DC headquarters on the weekend.


The Australian Space Agency also signed a joint statement of intent with NASA for the two organisations to work together.

Gilmour Space Technologies co-founder Adam Gilmour says it’s a huge step forward and they want to be involved.

“We will definitely love to participate in this and any funds will be put directly into more jobs in the company,” Mr Gilmour said.

“We’re super excited to work with NASA, we already have a Space Act agreement with NASA that covers a whole range of technologies that we can work together on that’s very focused on the moon and Mars missions.

“So we look forward to deepening our relationship wit NASA, working with our space agency and getting Australia to help get humanity back to the moon.”

The Helensvale-based company is already going from strength to strength, employing 45 people in the last three years.

“It’s fantastic that the government has listened to the industry, we’ve been working very hard to develop technology and we said the goal to generate all the jobs and all the extra revenue is doable but it needs investment and this is exactly what the government has done,” Mr Gilmour said.

Mr Gilmour says it’s great that the Gold Coast could be part of the moon and Mars missions.

“People always ask, ‘why the Gold Coast?’, well why wouldn’t you?

“We find all the technology we need around here, the industry is great, the universities are fantastic, so we get a lot of help from them and we love being here.”

Australia’s space industry is currently worth about $4 billion and employs around 10,000 people.

The Government wants to see that grow to $12 billion with an additional 20,000 jobs by 2030.

Industry, Science & Technology Minister Karen Andrews with Adam Gilmour from Gilmour Space Technologies | Image: Supplied

Industry, Science and Technology Minister Karen Andrews says the announcement is great for Australia, and the Gold Coast.

“We’re committed to growing jobs in the space industry, it is an emerging industry here in Australia,” Ms Andrews said.

“When you think the Australian Space Agency was only established 14 or 15 months ago, we’re at a point we’re going to be part of the next mission to the moon and Mars and that’s an outstanding achievement.”

Ms Andrews insists the money will be used to grow Australian businesses and not funnelled straight to NASA.

“We’ll be working with businesses to look at how we can be part of the program, how can we build on the technologies we currently have, whether that be the work that Gilmour does, whether that be automation, robotics, where we’re currently world-leading.

“Australia is going to be part of the next mission that NASA makes into space, so it’s great news for us and great news for us here on the Gold Coast.”